Back to Greenwich

Two of the team from Shorne explain some of the archaeological work happening at Greenwich at the moment:

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Greenwich Park Revealed

Andrew is now involved with the Royal Parks and will be investigating the Saxon barrow cemetery at Greenwich. Take a look at this YouTube video for details.

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Clayworks at Shorne

The clayworks projects at Shorne are coming to an end. We confirmed that the bank carrying our narrow gauge railways has been revetted and reinforced with a series of vertical rails set into the old concrete road. These rails held back a wall of sleepers and timbers, anchored through the bank with metal hawsers. This allowed the diesel locos on site to run along the top of the bank and for an offshott track to run out onto a metal hopper, so that trucks could drive under and take the clay away. Quite elaborate but also built in a very practical fashion.

We are backfilling these holes soon and will continue on finishing our dig on the clayworkers canteen block.

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Archaeology at Swarling by the University of Kent

Open Day for the Public

Date: Saturday 25th September, 2021

Time: 2pm

Place: Meet outside The Granville, CT4 7AL

Bus 18, Bay C5 in Canterbury City Centre to Hythe. Bus time – 1:40pm leaves Canterbury Bus Station and arrives at Granville Inn, Street End Lower Hardres at 1:52pm. Someone will be waiting for you there with further information.

We will be running guided tours of the site, alongside displays of finds and survey results. All are welcome, of any age. We are particularly keen to meet people from the village.

Warning: The walk from The Granville to the site is a 20 minute walk through the fields. You may arrive near the site on Iffin Lane in a taxibut parking on site is not permitted.

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3D modelling of Bitchet

Thanks to volunteer Peter Barry we now have 3-D models for the features dug at Bitchet Common, click here  – they are amazing!

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