Caesar lecture coming up

SWAG volunteers have previously been involved in excavations examining the possibility of a landing point for Caesar on his visits to Kent. For those you interested in this period of history The Society of Antiquaries of London is holding a free lecture on October 5th that you may wish to attend (in person or online). It is titled ‘Fighting Caesar: Britons in Gaul and Gauls in Britain in Caesar’s Battle for Gaul’. The lecture will be given by Andrew Fitzpatrick and a brief summary follows:

Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 BC. One of the reasons that he gave for doing so was the aid that the Britons had given to the Gauls in almost every campaign during his long Battle for Gaul. This lecture will explore the nature of that assistance through the prism of a man whose grave was discovered at North Bersted, near Chichester.

For more details click here.

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