Funding for 2020

“At the moment we are between funded archaeological project work, on the scale of the Cobham project, but we would like to continue our investigations in and around Shorne and Cobham* over the coming year. To do this we will require our own insurance cover for public liability and use of survey equipment. We are wondering whether people would be willing to help raise the c.£350 needed. If we raise the money, any surplus will be used to fund archaeology supplies for the rest of the year (bags, sharpies and boxes etc). If you would like to help us, please get in touch through Andrew by the end of January”

Many thanks in advance!

*this work will include further test pits and surveys in Cobham village, fieldwalking, a survey of an RAF Gravesend site, geophys at the Barrow and Mausoleum, works in Shorne Park and Cobham Woods (including Trees!)…

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