LiDAR and Ground Truthing family event

The next main event will be held on Friday 12th of April.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) works the way sonar does underwater but above ground, mapping the lumps and bumps on the land surface.

Ground truthing is physically investigating the lumps and bumps to try to identify what they are.

We are planning two sessions, one starting at 10am and the second at 1pm. The first part of the session (10-15 minutes) will involve looking at the LiDAR survey of the park and the rest will be spent out and about in the park ‘ground truthing’ the results. Each session will last about two hours.

What might be revealed? WW2 camp remains, windmill bases, medieval buildings or field systems or something even older?

This event is aimed at families which is why it’s in the school holidays (although all are welcome). As with all SWAG events it is free* and although not essential, you are advised to book your place by contacting us on so we can assess numbers and contact you if we need to postpone the event because of bad weather.

*Parking fees apply and children must be accompanied by an adult.

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