New Shorne tour

A new tour of Shorne Woods is beginning to shape up.

Roger Cockett, our local historian, has put together a schedule that covers the archaeology and history of the Park. The current tour covers the western half of the Park and takes in elements of the ‘Great Down’, the sites of Randall Manor, Randall Bottom Farm, the medieval windmill on Randall Heath and Randall Hall. Only the Farm is currently visible, with the other sites having no exposed features.

Roger recently lead a tour for the Faversham Society Archaeological Research Group. Here are a couple of photos from the day (with Roger supporting his shepherd’s crook).

Roger will trial a tour of the eastern half of the Park in the coming months.

We don’t have specific dates for future tours at this point but if you and a few friends would be interested in joining us, please let Andrew know and we can get back to you with any details. There are a couple of hills and everyone is advised to wear boots / shoes with treaded soles. The whole circuit takes about 90 minutes but there are a couple of short-cuts home in case anyone wants to break off early.

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