Some hoard inspired poetry

In response to the Hoards and All advent calender our members have gone all poetic. Here are a couple from the trenchs:

A hoard is like this is one of a kind
Our ancestors left it for us to find
Buried for years in all its glory
For Sophie to dig up and tell us their story

On opening five, man alive
How did that treasure all survive
Below the ground safe and sound
Just sitting, waiting to be found

Bronzes abound
Out of the ground
Below a bronze age mound
Delighted to be found

Another page has turned
A battle axe appears
What have owner in tears

Perhaps a metal worker's hoard
An offering, a simple rite
Better crops my Lord
Whatever you like

The soil is removed, with little motion
The axe shines after restoration
It's just a notion
Did it see any action?

Sophia's restoration
A wonder to behold
Keep fingers crossed
Might be another load
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