Stringmans Field

Excavations/clean-up is getting underway at Stringmans Field from 8th to 19th July (no weekend).  We are giving the trench a tidy, extending the existing slots to reveal more of the barrow structure, and put in a couple more to get the extent of the ring ditch.  The aim at the end of the two weeks is to gather enough information to draft a full report, then backfill by machine. Click here to view the excavation strategy.

Meet on site at 10 am….parking is in the adjacent field (see above) but the estate has asked if we keep parking to a minimum as that field is currently in meadow, and they’ve done a bit of extra tree planting. 

Because of parking restrictions and the fact that it’s a fairly compact site, we’ll need to keep numbers low (max of eight per day) so contact Richard if you are interested in digging.

We are working with Lees Court Estate and the Kent Archaeological Society on this project.

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