Archaeological secrets of Cobham unearthed for two week festival

Find out more about the archaeological secrets of Cobham with a special event running this month.

The Heritage Lottery-funded Cobham Landscape Detectives Project is holding a Big Dig in the village for the UK-wide Festival of Archaeology.

It is being held from July 15 to 30 and will reveal more about the history and archaeology of the village.

This is the latest element in the ongoing Landscape Detectives Project, telling the story of Cobham Parish’s changing landscape from prehistory to the present day.

Part of the Festival of Archaeology, the largest celebration of archaeology in the world with hundreds of events nationwide, gives everyone the chance to learn more and meet the archaeologists and volunteers involved in the project.

During the first week, the team will be working with Cobham Primary School, as the whole school take part in a dig on their grounds.

Andrew Mayfield, Community Archaeologist for Kent County Council said: “This will be a fascinating project and a chance to unravel some of the archaeological secrets of Cobham village.

“Kent County Council is proud to be part of this prestigious event which matches its own goals to widen involvement in archaeology and put people in touch with their own heritage.”

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