Darnley Arms dig

In the car park of the Darnley Arms in Cobham we’ve started a couple of trenches to explore what is just beneath the surface. We’ve hit rubble and a chalk platform and found a variety of pot sherds, all probably dating from the 18th century and later. We’ve also gained a mascot. The pub cat likes to put in an appearance:

While we do all the hard work:




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3 Responses to Darnley Arms dig

  1. Christopher munn says:

    Hi, my daughter really wants to get involved in history and archeological digs.
    She is 13.

    Am I able to bring her to the dig in Darnley arms this weekend so she can have a go

    • Ruiha Smalley says:

      Dear Christopher,
      Thanks for your comment. Please contact Andrew Mayfield for details about this weekend.

  2. We are about this weekend, on site from 10am daily and you can ring me on 07920 548906

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