Darnley Arms dig

In the car park of the Darnley Arms in Cobham we’ve started a couple of trenches to explore what is just beneath the surface. We’ve hit rubble and a chalk platform and found a variety of pot sherds, all probably dating from the 18th century and later. We’ve also gained a mascot. The pub cat likes to put in an appearance:

While we do all the hard work:




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3 Responses to Darnley Arms dig

  1. Christopher munn says:

    Hi, my daughter really wants to get involved in history and archeological digs.
    She is 13.

    Am I able to bring her to the dig in Darnley arms this weekend so she can have a go

  2. We are about this weekend, on site from 10am daily and you can ring me on 07920 548906

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