S.W.A.G. Logo Competition

After the brilliant success of our Cobham Landscape Detectives logo (below), brought to life by Pauline to adorn our Cobham T-shirts, it has been suggested that we need one for the Shorne Woods Archaeology Group.

And so to keep us all amused as we sit through hopefully the last month of lockdown I am opening up the Great Shorne Woods Archaeology Group logo competition!

This is open to everyone! Please send in your ideas and we will create a logo for the future…let’s face it we haven’t had a new t-shirt in a while.

Don’t feel you need to design it digitally, it can be a drawing sent through as a photo…we can then workout how to turn it into a print logo…

Crossed trowels? Trees and a medieval manor? A Mesolithic flint? Footsteps in a wood…an open test pit? What says SWAG to you?

(ANY entry that mentions lost hobnails or demolished walls will be immediately disqualified!)


CLD logo
The CLD logo
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