Medieval silver Halfgroat of Edward III

During November, at Randall Manor, Stan Matthews found a silver groat in the south-east corner of the site.  We asked staff at the Portable Antiquities Scheme for help on its identification and Walter Ahmet, Finds Liaison Assistant for Heritage Conservation, Kent County Council, kindly gives us this description:

RMS15 Halfgroat comp

“Medieval silver Halfgroat of Edward III (1327-1377), Minted at London, fourth coinage Series C (1351-1352) standard F type, North 1148 (North 1991, 51). The coin is clipped and partially worn around its circumference particulalry on the obverse obscuring much of the legend. Initial mark Cross 1, saltires by neck. Some evidence of double striking on both faces particularly clear on the reverse where some duplications of parts of letters and some warping of the lower arm of the cross.”




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