New Research on Later Prehistoric Finds conference

The 2018 Later Prehistoric Finds Group annual conference is titled The Matter in Hand: New Research on Later Prehistoric FindsIt will be held at the British Museum on Monday 29th October 2018, 9.30am to 4.30pm. Our keynote speaker is Dr Melanie Giles (University of Manchester).

Download the programme/poster here and see details of the papers below. You can book your ticket through the British Museum events page here.

  • Keynote: Dr Melanie Giles(University of Manchester)The Grave Goods Project
  • Dr Sophie Adams (University of Glasgow) Feeling good? A critical evaluation of the tactile qualities of prehistoric finds
  • Jennifer Beamer (University of Leicester) Heavy Loomweights: Considering the Use of Flax in Iron Age Britain
  • Dr Helen Chittock (AOC Archaeology Group) Beyond repair: Exploring technologies of mending and modification in Middle-Late Iron Age Britain
  • Mark Griffiths (Independent Researcher) The Pallasboy Project
  • Matthew Hitchcock (University of Manchester) The Art of Violence: Shields in the British Iron Age
  • Marta Innes (University of Glasgow) ‘Kneading to know’: Experimental Approaches and Engagement with the Materiality of Prehistoric Pottery
  • Dr Matthew Knight (National Museum of Scotland) The Ecstasy of Gold: Interactions with Bronze Age gold in Britain’s auriferous regions
  • Meredith Laing (University of Leicester) Salt of the Earth: using fingerprint analysis to investigate the demographics of briquetage production
  • Dr Tess Machling (Independent Researcher) and Roland Williamson(Independent Researcher) More bang for your buck: how sheet-work fools the eye
  • Dr Brendan O’Connor (Independent Researcher) and Dr Neil Wilkin (British Museum) New light on weighty matters: Putting the Hurstbourne Priors hoard in context
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